Friday, May 4, 2012

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni

I love Pinterest!   It seemed like a weird idea at first but then I tried it out and I'm in love!  It's great for finding new recipes and fun craft ideas.  I pin cautiously, usually things I think I'll actually try someday.  Some people are crazy pinners, but I am not one of them - too many pins overwhelms me and I start to get lost. 

I have recently been looking for recipes which have a little to no meat.  I love meat and cheese but I'm trying to lower my cholesterol :(.  I  found this recipe which has become one of our new favorites... it has a little meat - only one piece for the entire dish.  It also has a little Alfredo sauce which might be a little unhealthy, but I still think the amount is minimal.  We add corn instead of peas but otherwise the dish is good as is -  so yummy and just a bit spicy.

Check it out!
 Spicy Chicken Rigatoni - by Tastebook  
See if you don't just love it too!

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