Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Fall Decorations and Happy Fall Free Printable

So I'm not really that into decorating for holidays especially Halloween (I don't like all the scary stuff).  Mostly because you have to drag out all the decorations from storage, put them out, then pack them all up again, just to do it all over again.  Ugh, I barely have time to keep my house clean to the bare minimum, let alone to take extra time to be dragging out decorations.  (Christmas is the one exception).

However,... I am trying to do this whole homemaker thing.  So I was trying to come up with some cute, but very simple decorations.  Easy to put up and easy to take down were the requirements.  I also wanted the decorations to be for fall not Halloween.  I figured I could leave them up longer that way too.

So the following is what I came up with.  And you also benefit from my attempt at decorating because I have made a Happy Fall Free Printable for you.

Background design from Mel Stampz Vintage Vine Collection.
Pumpkin Stencil from Momenta.

And it's in 3 nifty sizes.  (Hopefully the sizes work, because my photo editing software was being a bit wonky.)

I thought of the idea because I had this really cool frame that I had sitting around.  I hadn't ever had the appropriate picture to put in it, but it just seemed perfect to hang outside our house.

I also bought a pumpkin on a whim... with the thoughts of maybe decorating it further.  But then I thought better of the extra decorating and just stuck it outside our door.  I figured the way God made it was the best decoration possible.  If it hasn't rotted when it gets closer to Halloween,  I still might carve it.  I think my little girl would have fun scooping out all the pumpkin insides.  :)

Lastly, my other simple decoration was to put out a basket and fill it with pine cones.  This was my absolute favorite thing to do because it turned into a fun little activity.  My little girl and I tramped around the yard filling the basket with all the pine cones we could find.  She loved it!

The funny part was that when I went to tie the ribbon around the basket, she burst into tears.  She also started to cry when I tried to put the basket outside the door.  So I waited until she went down for her nap before decorating and putting outside.

I feel like I've done a little decorating and made my house a little more of a home, yet kept it simple.  The best part is, almost all of it I can throw away when I'm done.  When you live in a small place, the less you have to store the better.

I hope you can be inspired to do a little simple fall decorating too!

And from my family to yours, Happy Fall!


  1. Awesome Fall sign! It is just what I needed for my slideshow on my website! Thank you for creating it! :)

    1. Glad you like it! It makes me happy to see that someone else could get some use out of it. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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