Thursday, May 17, 2012

Acrylic Painting - Bread, wine and cheese

Bread, wine and cheese used to be a regular meal at our house.  Easy, romantic, relaxing and yummy.  Unfortunately, with pregnancy, the birth of a baby, and trying to cut down on my cholesterol, we haven't had it in a long time.  Sad... :(
But when we were eating it regularly, it inspired a painting for my kitchen.  This one took a little more time, mostly waiting for parts to dry before painting the next step.  Also, didn't have some of the colors, so had to mix them - the browns and the orange and the grey, I had to mix them myself.  I'm actually rather proud of the way they turned out. 
I also originally tried to make clear wine glasses... um.. kind of difficult... so I changed them to blue glass which is fine because I absolutely love blue glass.  It's not the best lighting but it gives you the idea. 

Bread, Wine and Cheese

Who needs to buy art when you can make it yourself?

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