Monday, July 13, 2015

Stitch Fix #1: What I learned.

I recently saw a few of my friend's posting about Stitch Fix.  For some reason one of the posts caught my attention and I clicked on the link.  Before I knew it I was reading up about it and it was recommended that you should at least sign up for the style survey - that it would help point you in the right direction of starting to know your style.  Well, I figured "what could it hurt?" and went to fill out the survey.  (I've never been very good at knowing what looks good and always secretly have always wanted to be on "What not to wear" - I was so sad when the show ended :( )

Well, before I knew it, I had scheduled my first fix and was waiting with anticipation for it to show up on my doorstep.

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it is a styling service that sends you a box of clothes/and or accessories right to your doorstep.  They send you 5 items. You then have 3 days to try on and decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back.  Whatever  items you don't want, you just put in a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope and put it in the mail.  Easy peasy.  For each fix the cost is $20 which you can apply towards the cost of any items you buy.  The only catch is that if you don't like any of the items you still have to pay the $20.  If you decide to buy the entire box, then there is a 25% discount.  Also they give you a referral link of your own and if any of your friends sign up for their first fix, you get $25 credit.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to get a second fix or not, but I thought I'd share my experience with you. I actually found it a very interesting experience in more ways then getting some new cute clothes.

My box arrived actually a day earlier - I was quite impressed with their shipping speed.  I got the email saying it was in the mail and it arrived the NEXT day.  And of course, upon recieving it, I could hardly wait to get the box open.  The above pictures show my box and how pretty it was wrapped up before I opened it.

Opening the box was quite exciting, not just for me, but for my girls as well.  As you can see, my little girl thought the pictures were pretty.  And the fun clothes... here my girl is modeling the dress as a scarf - because of course that's the way it's SUPPOSED to be worn!  :)  I have several pictures of her in different poses with the dress as her scarf... if only Stitch Fix knew how much fun it could be :)

Just a side note:  It is extremely difficult to take pictures of yourself in the mirror.  It's hard to get a good picture without looking absolutely ridiculous.  It is even more difficult to take pictures when your kids are trying to get in the picture with you.  Notice below, my two rockstar children in the picture on the left.  On the picture on the right, can you find the tiny feet?  :)

Item 1:  Zuli Striped Maxi Dress


  1. Loved the color
  2. Loved the pattern, the direction of the stripes had a very thinning effect, and gave me a nice narrow waistline
  3. Loved the fit - actually covered my chest well which is a difficult task.  
  4. This dress was so comfortable.  
  5. The shape, - I actually had curves but didn't look too scandalous. 
  6. A dress that I can actually nurse in easily.
  1. The length - it was just too long.  It was just a few inches too long, I know that they are supposed to be long but this was "drag on the floor, I'm going to trip" sort of long.  
  2. The price - it was a bit expensive for a casual dress which is meant to be worn as an everyday sort of thing.  I would have paid that for a nice fancy dress, but not a maxi dress.
  3. out of comfort zone - I have never worn a maxi dress, so I had a hard time knowing if and when I would actually wear this dress.
Additional thoughts:  I was incredibly torn about this dress.  It was so pretty, comfy, and made me feel really great.  Ultimately, though it came down to the fact that it was so pricey and I would have had to still get it hemmed, and I didn't know how often I would wear it.  It just wasn't worth it in the end.  

Status: Sent Back

Item 2:  Crocker Tie Neck Top


  1. It was so pretty.  The shirt was made out of a sheer fabric that was lacy and beautiful.  
  2. The style - I loved the tie in the front and the rolled up sleeves.   
  3. The color was a nice off white which looked really good on me.  
  4. Versatility - this shirt could be paired with all sorts of colors.  It also has the ability to be dressed up with a nice skirt, or dressed down with a pair of jeans.   
  5. Built in cami - didn't have to try and find a cami that went with it to make it appropriate.  
  6. Did I mention I looked great in it, and it was so pretty?
  1. It was handwash only.  I hate clothes that you have wash special.  I do NOT have time for that, and I'm intimidated by it.  I need something that is easy.
  2. The color- this was a negative because I have two small children.  I am a magnet to spots and stains when I wear anything light.  
  3. The price - it was just a little over what I would be willing to spend on a shirt.  
  4. A little difficult to put on with the two separate pieces.  The first couple times I put it on, I struggled lining up the pieces right.
  5. Since I am still nursing, I have limited bras and was unsure I had one that worked with the shirt.
Additional thoughts:  This was also a tough decision.  Really the main negatives was that I didn't know how to wash it, and I just know that I will get it dirty.  It really is hard to spend that much money when you're afraid you are going to ruin it.  I tried it on for my husband, my SIL and my MIL and they all thought I looked really good in it.  I finally just decided to keep it because I knew I would regret not keeping it.  I just loved the way it made me feel in it.  I had asked for something that would help dress up my everyday, and this totally fit the bill.

Status: Kept

Item 3:  Abriana Geo Print Short


  1. Color -  I am a sucker for that color of blue.  
  2. The feel of the fabric-  it had a really neat 3D texture to it.
  3. Fit- I liked the way it fit my butt.  It wasn't baggy at all.  
  4. Side zipper 
  5. Made me look tall
  1. Length -  Just a little too short for me.  I felt a little self-conscious wearing them - felt like they were a little scandalous for a mom of two small children.  I like to go with the fingertip rule.   It just needed a couple more inches.
  2. The pattern -  I'm willing to go outside my comfort zone to wear something with a funky pattern, but didn't like the diamond patterns and how it came together at the seam.  
Additional thoughts:  I was not in love with them.  The pattern was weird, and the shorts just too short.  The price was a tad high for not being in love with them.  The shorts had some neat things about it, but nothing that really made the good outweigh the bad.  In retrospect, maybe it would have worked with the crocker tie top as recommended by the stylist because you couldn't see the weird diamonds.  (see the crocker tie picture above).  I didn't like how short they were but I did like the way they made me look tall - maybe they have to be that short to have that effect- but in the moment I just couldn't get over feeling like I was showing just a little too much. 

Status: Sent Back

Item 4:  Tristin Draped Ponte Jacket


  1. I liked the feel of the fabric. It was soft and stretchy.
  2. I like different jackets.  I am always cold and like things that I can layer with.
  1. Non-functional.  This was just not a functional piece of clothing.  I tried it unbuttoned, and also tried every combination of buttons.  I just couldn't figure out how it as supposed to lie.  There was just all this weird fabric at the top that just didn't seem to have a place. 
  2. Fit- I looked like a football player in it.  It made my shoulders look really wide.  
  3. Size - I think it was a little too small.  It seemed to be just a tad tight when it was buttoned, and I also think the seam line was supposed to go down lower on my body. 
Additional thoughts:  I honestly have no words for this jacket.  It was just so funky and non-functional.  It made me sad because I really like to layer, and would have probably kept it if it was usable or cute at all.

Status: Sent Back

Item 5:  Arran Layered Spike Pendant Necklace


  1. Silver
  2. Kind of funky - I liked the two chains
  3. Price
  1. The fit - this necklace laid very awkwardly.  Basically if I wore anything with cleavage, the spike fit quite nicely in the middle of it.  It was just like a nice arrow saying "Look here!" 
  2. It was not an "I love it" piece.  
Additional thoughts:  At first I thought there was no way that I could keep this necklace without it being totally inappropriate.  I tried every way to adjust the length of it to make it sit in a a less awkward place - no luck.   Then I realized that if I was wearing a higher scoop neck shirt that it could work.  I contemplated keeping it even though I didn't love it but mostly so I wouldn't lose my $20 styling fee.  I would have to only pay an $8 difference which wasn't too bad.  In the end when I decided to keep the top, I decided to send the necklace back because I wasn't in love with and I had already spent plenty on the shirt.

Status: Sent Back


+ It was a fun experience.  I would say that the main thing I loved about it was that it was so convenient.   With two little children, not having to leave the house was great.

+ I also loved that I really had time to think about whether I wanted to purchase the pieces.  I usually have a very difficult time committing to expensive clothes because I often am not sure that it even looks good on me.  I don't want to waste my money.  This helped me because I was able to marinate with it for 3 days, try it on repeatedly and get other people's opinions.  

+ The last thing that was a real plus was that it got me to go outside of my comfort zone.  I would have never tried on those items had I seen them hanging up in a store.  And even though, I only purchased the one item I still learned more about what looks good on me.  I learned that Maxi dresses actually do look good on me.  I learned that I really liked the flowy beachy look and I looked up the designer of the shirt, and found I could get a bunch more similar shirts at Nordstrom Rack.  I also learned how to make myself look taller, and thinner by the patterns  and the cut of the clothing.  Knowing these facts can help me make smarter choices in the future.

-My main problem with it was the price.  I just don't usually spend that much money on clothes and it did seem that the pieces may be a little more expensive then what you would pay for the same piece in a store. This is a little understandable since you never even have to leave your house... but I just don't know if I could make it a regular thing.

Overall, I think it was an enjoyable experience.  Even if I hadn't bought anything, I think it was worth it for the fun it was. Let's face it, getting mail that isn't a bill is exciting!  We drop $20 dollars for fast food which is gone after an hour .With Stitch Fix if you buy something, you get to enjoy it for awhile.   I don't know if I would do it all the time, but once or twice I would definitely recommend it.  If you are considering Stitch Fix , why not try it?  Hey, you might even learn something!

I have only worn the shirt a few times, but each time I have I can't go far without getting a compliment, so I think I made a good choice.  :)

Note: I am not an affiliate for Stitch Fix.  I just wanted to share my personal experience. However, if you use my link I get $25 credit for each person who signs up for and is delivered their first box.    

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