Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boy Romper: Cars and Trucks

One of my best friends was expecting a boy and I knew I wanted to make her baby something extra special.  I recently had picked up a bunch of patterns on sale, and totally fell in love with this one.  The romper looked just adorable.  I picked out some absolutely cute fabric.... there actually were very few boy choices, so I got lucky finding something so awesome. 

McCall's  M6309

The pattern was pretty simple to follow.  Though there was a part here and there that the picture showed something different from what the actual instruction said.  It kind of seemed like maybe it was translated from another language and just wasn't translated quite right.  Some of the sentences just didn't seem to make sense.  The pictures seemed really clear though and helped me figure out what to do. Overall,  I would recommend this pattern.

I was going to just do it all in the  main fabric, but then my friend who was sewing with me suggested I do the straps and the pocket in a solid color so it would stand out. I searched in my stash and found this denim.  With red thread and buttons, the denim with the truck fabric made a great combination!

I choose the medium size which turned out a little bigger then I thought.  It actually fit my 12 month old little girl.  So it'll fit him next summer, which is actually perfect because he'll be able to wear it when it's hot out and he'll hopefully be able to wear it for a while.

I made a few bibs to go with it, wrapped it up and sent it in the mail.  My friend got it this Friday, just in time, because she had her little boy just a little after midnight on Sunday.  So excited to welcome to the world their new little one! I can't wait to meet him!


  1. So Adorable! Love love love the romper - great work!

  2. this is a lovely gift& your friend must be super happy! Saw you linked up to schwin&schwin, good luck!

  3. Adorable!!! Your talent amazes me :)


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