Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sleep Sack - Zipper FAIL

I attempted to make a sleep sack awhile back.  I looked at our sleep sack and thought - 3 pieces, that can't be that hard.  ha!   The sleep sack itself wasn't that hard.  The zipper on the other hand beat me.  I had never done a zipper before...  I watched some videos, read a few tutorials... looked easy. was easy. ..however... once I sewed it on, I tried unzipping it and then I found out what I did wrong.  The end that I wanted to come apart didn't... can't really put a child into something that can't open.

 Lesson that I learned:   ALWAYS try using your zipper BEFORE sewing!  Also pay attention to what KIND of zipper you buy.. they are not all alike.

Well, it wouldn't have been that bad, use the seam ripper and redo it.  However, I had made the project out of an old t-shirt that way if I messed up nothing would be lost... however... such an old t-shirt that the material ripped when I tried to undo it. When I tried sewing the zipper on the part that wasn't ripped, it was all crooked and totally not functional.  So I have to start over with new material... I'll post when I actually complete the project right.

Good news is... I got to practice my applique and learned what NOT to do when sewing a zipper. 

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