Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spice Rack Book Shelves

My little girl really loves to read at night to put herself to sleep. If your kid likes to read as much as mine, you'll love this project as much as I did.

 The problem with my daughter reading at night was I couldn't have her climbing in and out of bed to get books all night especially in the dark  So instead of being happy with just one or two, she would always request to have a huge pile in bed with her.  She would then fall asleep in the middle of reading one.  I always ended up having to remove them after she fell asleep but when she was on top of them it was really hard to do. Sleeping on books also couldn't be comfortable for her, I'm sure.  In my search for a solution, I stumbled across this pin.

It seemed like the perfect answer to my problem! Only 3.99 for each rack plus a little paint I already had on hand brought my total up to around 8 dollars!

My one issue was there was no Ikea close by, you couldn't order them online then, and almost every Ikea was out of stock. I finally found a store that carried them that I thought we could swing by on the way to visit our friends.  Then we got sick and couldn't make our planned trip, so I thought I was never going to get them.  Then a friend posted on Facebook that she was going to Ikea and did anyone need her to pick anything up?  She totally saved the day!

I got out my paints and started decorating.  I painted them white with pink and green accents to match her room.  I'm not the best artist in the world but they looked cute with little butterflies and flowers on them. I then had my awesome husband hang them for me.  (The spice racks don't come with the hardware to mount them).

They were a perfect solution to my issue.  It kept the books to a minimum on her bed but let her still have choices.  She also didn't have to fall asleep on top of a million books - only one or two that she was reading at the moment.

Of course, she thinks they are great.  She mostly thinks they are great because at nap time she can take all the books out, and they double as great beds for her dolls and stuffed animals.  ;)

Whatever their use, they were a quick, easy and cheap project that was super satisfying to complete.

Where could you install some spice rack book shelves?

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