Monday, March 24, 2014

The Reversible Kathleen Cape

After my Little Red Riding Hood post last Halloween, one of my best friends requested that I make a cape for her daughter's birthday.  She asked if I could make it reversible too. She gave me carte blanche on color and fabric.  So here is the "Reversible Kathleen Cape".

First start by cutting out your cape circles.  You will need one of each color.  (For more details on this process, see my Little Red Riding Hood post)  The main difference from the original was that it's more of a semi circle rather then a half circle because of trying to make the height taller.

Find a hood that fits your child and trace around it, taking in account seam allowances.  Sew together two hoods. (more on this too in Little Red Riding Hood post)

Attach your two hoods to your two cape circles.

For your ties, cut out two strips of each color the width and length that you want with enough for seam allowance..  Sew the solid strip to the patterned strip right sides together, leaving one end open. Turn inside out and topstitch.  Repeat for the second set.

Pin your two capes right sides together.

Pin your ties in between your two capes at the point underneath your hood line.  See picture below.

Sew the two capes together, leaving a space at the bottom unsewn for you to to turn inside out.  Hand stitch the hole closed, and then top stitch.   And Viola! you are done!   I actually found the reversible cape to be easier then the original Little Red Riding Hood cape because I didn't have to hem or worry about covering any exposed seams.

What I loved about this project was that I was able to use thread I had inherited from my friend's mother to sew it together.  Her mother passed away from Leukemia several years ago.  This is exactly the sort of thing she would have loved to make for her granddaughter.  I am glad that through me she was still able to be a part of her granddaughter's birthday present.

Post dedicated to Kathy Bowman.  You will live on in our hearts and memories forever.
Please help beat Leukemia by donating blood or   platelets  to your local donation center.


  1. Adorbs! I have a feeling E would love this :)

    1. I know you could do it! I thought reversible would be more difficult but it actually was super easy!

  2. Really neat! I love making things also. Loving the look of the Red Riding Hood Cape also.

    1. Thanks! I love making things instead of buying because I can make it just the way I want. :) thanks for stopping by!

  3. This looks very easy, my girls would love it!

    1. It is actually pretty easy... the hardest part is measuring the right size neck hole, but if you have models to try it on, it should be super easy. I'd love to see it if you try it!


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