Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Bird Tunic

I have recently picked up sewing again.  I used to sew when I was younger.  My mom, who came from a family who knew how to do everything from scratch,  taught me the basics.  I also took a 4-H sewing class, though I'm not sure I completed the course. 
All the babies popping up started me on doing baby projects, and now I am starting to make some clothing for my little girl.  One of greatest things about having a girl is that you can dress them is such cute outfits. 

Not wanting to spend too much money, especially at first when I'm relearning everything, I have been searching the internet for free patterns I can try to get my skill up to par.  My first go at an outfit was this Black Bird Tunic by Shwin and Shwin.  I raided my mother-in-laws fabric stash and I think it turned out pretty cute.  It wasn't too hard at all - however, I have never done a button hole, so I was a bit intimidated at first.  But when I finally tried it, I was surprised how easy it was.  (when your sewing machine does all the work, it's hard to go wrong). 

I liked it so much that I did a second one for my best friend's little girl.  She's a 2T which is the pattern size but I wanted to make it more of a dress so I lengthened it.  I also used different colors for the pockets, purple for my daughters and green for my friends.

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