About Me

What is there to say about me? 

This blog is my record of all my craftiness.  I do crafts to be creative,  save money, and to have an outlet besides my house and my child.  Right now, I am a stay at home mom, which I love, but I don't want to lose me in the process of being a wife and a mommy.  This is part of my way to have an identity outside of those two roles. 

Some random facts about me:
I love chocolate.
I have a very short attention span.
I have a degree in Electrical Engineering.
I worked with special needs children for six years.
My middle name is rose and it is my favorite flower.
I love to dance along to a song with a good beat. 
I have a heart to help people who are hurting. 
The most important things to me are God, my family and friends.

All crafts and recipes are orignially my own unless otherwise stated.  Please respect copyright and provide a link back to my original post.  If I have stated that it is someone else's work, please give them the credit they deserve.  Feel free to use one or two pictures as long as you link back to my original post.

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