Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday presents

So I had a great birthday, can't believe I'm over 30 now!  We ended the day by going to this yummy pizza place for dinner.  They put fresh basil on all their pizzas - so delicious.  My pizza sauce was a cream and red wine reduction.  delish!  And to to top it off, I had an affogatto - which is gelato with an espresso shot poured over... like heaven in a spoon.  :)

I got some fun presents for my sewing.  My husband got me some rolly containers to store all my sewing stuff - my stuff had been slowly overtaking the kitchen.   It actually makes it easier to breathe now that it's more much easier to sew. 

My sister-in-law also got me this thread holder.  So cool- From 1983... I think that makes it vintage.  It holds 50 spools of thread.  It was cute too, my sis in law blinged it out.  :)  She also gave me some vintage bias tape - originally 15 cents.

I also have some fun crafty shopping trips to look forward to.  I can't wait!  Thanks to everyone who made my day wonderful.

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