Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Upcycle: Striped Shirt to Dress

I recently went through my donate pile and found this Abercrombie and Fitch striped shirt.  It was originally an off the shoulder style shirt that had grown too small for me.  I'd like to think  that the shirt got smaller, not that I got bigger.  :)  I rescued it from my pile because it reminded me of a post that I pinned from Make it  and Love it.
T-Shirt into Dress with Braided Collar by Make it Love it

I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the before.

  • First, I took the shirt, cut off the bottom 2 stripes so that I could use the original hem.  I gathered it to the width I wanted it. 
  •  Next, I also took off the sleeves so I could use the original hem from them also.  I changed the width of the sleeves from adult size to kid's size. 
  • I then laid out the rest of the shirt and cut it to the size I wanted.  I used a dress that fit her to help me estimate. 
  • I sewed the body pieces together.
  • Then I attached the sleeves and the ruffle.
  • Finally, I then made some darts in the front collar to make it less off the shoulder.

In the end, the only resemblance it had to the Make it and Love it dress was that it was striped.   Once I started, I realized that there was no where enough fabric to make the braided part of the collar, so I decided to make it the way I wanted instead.

I had to resew some of my seams later because I had never really sewed with knits before.  Check out this post to see some tips on knits.

I think the dress came out rather cute.   It's a fun and comfy, little play dress for my baby girl.

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  1. It is a super sweet dress, and it looks very comfortable! Great job!


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