Monday, August 6, 2012

Card Series- Post 13: Colors and Patterns

Another thing to think about when making a card is how the different colored and patterned paper coordinate together.  One thing to avoid is having too many loud patterns going on at once.  It becomes too much too look at and can make you a bit dizzy.  On the other hand,  too many plain colors can be very bland and boring.  One thing you have to consider also is having a light enough background underneath your sticker to be able to read the words.  Often times I will put a light color or subtle pattern underneath a quote and then cut out a brighter slightly larger shape to help frame it.  If my main card background is bright and loud,  I will usually use more solid colors and subtle patterns for the other pieces.  If the background is lighter or more plain, I will make the other pieces with bright pops of color or loud patterns.   It's just playing with the balance while still making it interesting to look at. 

Birthday - Mother


Welcome Baby

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Do you have a favorite color or pattern that you love to use? Stripes, zebra, flowers, or chevron?  Or how about pinks, blues, or purples?

Come back next week to see more cards!

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