Monday, June 18, 2012

Meatless Dish: Black Pepper Tofu and Green Beans

So in my quest to lower my cholesterol I have been searching for yummy recipes that don't have meat or cheese in them.  I don't mind having tofu in a dish, but I don't like to pretend it's meat.  I remember when I was a child almost being fooled that Tofu was eggs, but whenever you bite into something expecting the taste of something else it's always disappointing.  Why not just call it what it is?  Don't try and pretend that the tofu is a burger... because it'll never taste the same. 

So this leaves a whole world of cultural foods to try because they seem to be more up front about calling it what it is. We've tried different Thai, Indian, Chinese recipes and often times they are quite delicious. 

My sister in law was going through Sunset magazine and thought of me when she saw a whole section on tofu.  She ripped out the pages and they've been sitting waiting for me to try.  I recently cooked one of them up and was quite suprised by how good it tasted. 

Black Pepper Tofu and Green Beans

I think it will definately go into our regular rotation.  It had a very nice kick to it, and the way you cook up the tofu leads to a nice texture.  Not soggy at all, and a very nice flavor.  The tofu was browned with brown sugar and then the whole dish flavored with a black pepper mix.. a little sweet with the hot.  Quite good... I recommend you give it a try!


  1. I have been buying the pre-cubed extra firm great for dishes like these!

  2. I recently tried looking for the pre-cubed at my grocery store. They didn't carry it.. just the block. :( Sounds like pre-cubed would make it extra easy!


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