Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chevron and Circles Boy Baby Shower: Free Printables

I recently was able to help decorate for a baby shower.  Two of my friends from my mommy's group were having their second babies, both boys.  We threw them a mini baby shower - or as I've heard it called, - a baby sprinkle.  They don't need to be showered with all the big gifts and don't need all the basics that a first baby does, but they still need to be sprinkled with love and support to welcome in a new life.

I was asked to make a banner, and here it is.  I got the chevron digital images from Melstampz .  She has all sorts of colors.  I absolutly love her site, she has LOTS of free digital images.  I don't have any cool editing software as of yet, so I just used Paint.  It wasn't that hard, but I wanted Paint to do more things then it was actually capable of.  So this is what I was able to come up with.  The letters are in more ovals rather then perfect circles, but I think it turned out rather cute. 

Download the free printable banner here: Chevron and Cars: It's A Boy Banner
Cut out the circles and punch out holes in the top so that you can put a string or a ribbon through to hang it.

I decided to do a little extra at the last minute, and the night before I searched the internet for cute ideas to decorate that would be easy but make it look extra special.   I found a pic of hanging circles sewn together and thought "I could do that!"  It was so easy and sooo worth it.

Here's how:
 I used cardstock that I had on hand, and traced out some circles with a measuring cup.  I cut through two pages at once to make it quicker and only used 6 pieces of paper to make 8 strands with 12 circles each.  I had never sewed paper before and was a bit nervous but it was no problem. 

The one trick was to sew on the first circle and then slowly guide it through.  Your needle will be sewing nothing for a bit but it's okay as long as you put the next circle in right before the current circle moves from under your sewing foot.  This keeps the tension correct and doesn't let the thread get tangled. When you're finished, be sure to leave a length of extra thread so you can hang it. 

The shapes weren't exact circles, but that was okay with me.  If you don't sew or want different shapes or precise circles, I did spot an etsy shop or two that will do it for you and will save you the time and energy. 

I also made a couple signs for the party. 
Download the sign here: Planes, Trucks and Toys Sign

I created a blank sign for you to fill in your own information. 
Download it here: Blank Boy Sign 
I used Lucida Handwriting font, size 30 if you want to match with the Planes, Trucks, and Trains sign.

There were also blue, green and yellow balloons, and a coordinating paper chain.  One of my friends also made the cutest cake which she tied a blue ribbon around.   It was a fun little get together and I can't wait to meet their new little boys!

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  1. Very adorable! Love the chevron pattern. You should start selling those signs :)


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