Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crafty Time: Clean/Dirty Magnet

So ever go to put dishes in the dishwasher and don't know if they are clean or dirty?  Or you've started to unload dishes and half way through, you realize you just put away dirty dishes?   I've done that too many times, so finally I decided to make my own clean/dirty magnet.

It's such an easy craft and totally worth the whole ten minutes it takes to make.

I used just your typical frozen juice top. Using cardstock paper, I used the juice top to trace my circle shape. I cut out shapes and used letter stickers for the words and then used a little bling to make it a little fun. Next, I used a 3 dimensional sticker on the indented side of the juice top, and then glued the circle to it. You could use anything thick enough to raise the circle above the top of the lip of the juice top. Stick a magnet on the back and that's it! Now I'll always be able to tell whether or not I have clean or dirty dishes. :)

The only downfall to this project is that the dishwasher is still in reach of little hands. My little girl has pulled it down several times and managed to take it apart, so I had to hot glue it back together.


  1. That was my first thought: how long did it take your daughter to find it and destroy it? Maybe the bling should be from something edible (dried pasta?)...just in case :)

    1. She was going through a magnet phase when she took it apart - trying to see where magnets stuck, so I'd even find them stuck to my garbage can and other weird places. ... the funny part is, the one part that never fell apart was the bling. The paper came off the juice top, and the magnet fell of the back... but the bling has stayed strong... :) I could make it a kids craft... that might be fun. I always liked making magnets out of juice tops when I was a kid.


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