Monday, January 21, 2013

Sewing Party: Burp Cloths

So since I've started up sewing again... and blogging about it, I've discovered that a ton of my friends sew or want to sew.  I thought it was kind of a lost art because it's so much more economical to buy your clothes from a store... and really it's just so much quicker too.  But I guess there is still a sweetness and charm to getting something handmade.  It's nice to know that someone put effort into making a gift and handmade items are so much more unique then store bought items.

After discovering all the other people I know that sew, a few friends and I decided to have a sewing party. Since we were all at different levels we decided to do an easy project.  We all have (or were about to have) babies, so we decided to make burp cloths.

Before starting the project, we practiced on scraps to make sure everyone was on the same level and could use the machines.  We only had 2 machines for 4 of us.

We used two fabrics for our burp cloths.  A patterned fabric for one side and chenille for the back.  For the patterned side, you can use pretty much any washable fabric. Remember, it's going to get spit up on a lot! I believe we used cottons, flannel, and knit. 

We used two different tutorials (which I give links to at the bottom of the post).  The tutorial from cloud 9 had a contoured shape which was kind of cool.  The second tutorial recommended the chenille which we liked because it made the cloths so soft.   So we combined the two to make our own version. :)

They really are quite an easy project and you feel like you've accomplished something because you have a finished project in a short amount of time.  

Sewing aside, it was nice to get together with friends and hang out.  It's also nice to be able to share a hobby together.  It also makes the tedious parts of sewing much more bearable because you're chatting as you work.  And it wouldn't be a party without goodies to eat!

My baby was older, so she didn't really need a burp cloth anymore but I still did the project.  I didn't make it contoured like my friends, and just made a rectangle shape.  It turned out great though, because I brought them home and my little girl immediately decided they were her new lovies.   And now that she's a little older, she's gotten into babies, and now the burp cloths are perfect size for blankies for her dollies.  

For your own burp cloths, try these.
Celebrate BABY - Tutorial: Burp Cloth Gift Sets by MADE
Tutorial: Contoured Burp Clothes from Cloud 9 Fabrics

Since then, I've gotten together with a friend or two to sew projects, usually whatever each of us are working on at the moment.  It's great to sew with someone else because you have someone to talk to and you can even do it with kids because you can take turns between watching the children and sewing.   But I think it's time for another party soon....

Do you know anyone in the area that has the same hobby as you?  Why not share it!?!


  1. I believe you've posted pictures of my child without my consent! ;) Really though - I loved this get together and hope we can do another soon... maybe one involving taking a t-shirt and changing it into a wee dress? (I just happen to have a shirt for E that I think would be much better as a dress for her...)

    1. Well, since she was still in utero..I don't think anyone will recognize her. :) I purposely left out faces. Let's do a get together soon... and I love a good upcycle!

  2. I just discovered from your blog that there are sewing parties. How wonderful!, you chat, eat and learn something together.
    Alicia it was so nice of you to leave a comment on my blog, I thought bloggers that once followed have completely lost connection with me. Keep in touch.

    1. You should have a baking or cooking party! Everything is better with friends!
      I was able to find your blog again because you had left a comment and I was able to find the new address through google plus. I will stop by now and then... I don't do gluten free very often but I have a few friends who are and it's always nice to find a recipe to serve them.

  3. Hi, Alisha - it's Jenette. I love the whole party idea! As for your little one's love for baby dolls - I love to use scraps & make matching pillows for them too. Super easy, just like the burp cloths, except they are stuffed. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoys seeing your projects! Jenette


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