Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rhubarb torte

My Grandma Hunt makes a rhubarb torte as one of her specialties. She grows it in her garden. One of my recent visits with her, I sat down with her and got all her recipes so they would be written down. It was a good thing too, because she would give me the recipe to copy and then show me how to do it and it was always completely different then what was written. I'd never seen rhubarb before. It looks like red celery...very weird.
Well, when I returned home, I decided to try it one day. I bought the rhubarb and while I was in lin the grocery store lots of people talked to me because they had never seen it before.
Here is some pictures of it... It turned out well.


  1. I have a great Oatmeal Rhubarb cookie recipe that is my hubby's favorite if you want to make more Rhubarb Recipes. My father-in-law gives me a hard time for using Rhubarb ;)

    1. I would love the recipe. It would be so fun to learn more things to do with it. It's yummy but definately an aquired taste.


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