Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22nd - zucchini bread

Today I'm making Zucchini bread. Jon brought home some Zucchini from his boss' garden. I do not like Zucchini, so I thought I'd make it into bread - which I loved when my mother made it as a kid. I don't know if she has a specific recipe she uses... I should ask her.
But I used this recipe today

I'll post the verdict later tonight...

** ** ** ** **

Jon gave it a 4/5 - He ate two really large pieces, so he obviously liked it. He said that maybe it could be a little sweeter.. it was good, but I'll keep looking for the perfect recipe.

Also, made hungarian goulash tonight, but used hamburger instead of beef. It was good, but more like a real fancy Hamburger Helper.

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